KJ is Killin' It

Lately, I've been keeping with up Kendall Jenner and her seriously incredible street style. What I've learned is that she dons a plunging neckline like nobody's business (just the more reason to love her), and as Marie Claire stated, "Kendall Jenner manages to make high fashion look like NBD". 

Here are some of her most recent looks!

She's bringing back the denim mini skirt.

Very dark 70's.

F*ck wearing a bra.


Dear Sophia Webster, I'd really like a pair of your thigh-high leather sandals. Thanks.

KJ makes pink seem desirable.

Because this is how you leave the Chanel Haute Couture show.

Sure, if I was wearing a fringe piece like that, I'd walk with a sass too.

Proud member of the #ittybittytittycommittee

She even makes baseball hat look good.

Another pink piece. Another plunging neckline.


Have you ever seen a wide-leg strapless jumpsuit this good? #70s

That knotting styling trick.

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