(The name itself is unique.)

Littledoe offers handcrafted jewels made from antique materials. For instance, Lithium Terminated Quartz (below) is pure clear quartz with pink-shaded lithium ions. The combination of two creates a striking and artful style.

Each stone also provides meditative properties. Phantom Quartz (below) - as it states in Littledoe's official site - "is used to bring its wearer wholeness. It can used balance emotions & enhance sensitivity to the beauty in life. Phantom can also help to connect with spirit guides and bring a state of self-realization, increasing self-love & acceptance."

Here are two more of my favorite pieces. These pretty little things are not your typical jewels, but who likes typical, right?

What I love most about Littledoe jewels is that they're versatile and eclectic: they can be classic and elegant or fun and edgy.

For more information, you can visit Littledoe and follow them on Instagram, @littledoeislove. Littledoe is also available at Barneys on the main floor and online.