I began questioning my life goals when at 18 I purchased a $995 Manolo Blahnik flats. And I'm still questioning my life goals as I'm sat here currently gawking at a $425 black ballet flats by Saint Laurent. But you see, I'm a big believer in a lot of things, such as devouring as much pizza as you desire, chugging a bottle of Dom Pérignon at fancy-schmancy dinner parties (because come on, being the odd one out builds character) and more importantly though, splurging on a good pair of black ballerina flats. One that gives you the confidence of a queen.

While on Pinterest, I came upon pictures of Audrey Hepburn's iconic fashion. It was then that I realized how effortlessly she wore ballerina flats, which seemed to me as a subtle statement of easy glam. Here is a woman who graced the fashion and film industry while dressed in high-fashion, yet she remained just as enchanting in black fitted long-sleeve, black capri pants and yes, her ballerina flats. No one wore these flats quite like she did.

Black ballerina flats are effortless in a French-chic manner, taking the ordinary into extraordinary. (Seriously, wear an all black ensemble and slip on a pair of black ballet flats and you'll feel fabulous.) They're versatile, which means they can be worn with jeans or a cocktail dress, exactly how Audrey Hepburn wears it in the first picture. Whether you're into the whole edgy and modern style or classic with a hint of glam, you're bound to end up wearing a pair of ballet flats on days when you feel as though you can't get out of bed. Lastly, these flats are classic yet contemporary and they suit almost everyone. 

Kick off those heels and slip on the black ballerina flats!

- Just kidding -

In all seriousness though, they're one of the best things created.