In Full Bloom

Last Christmas, my mother bought a bouquet of faux flowers. Yes, my mother who treated her orchids like her own children (to the point where she might have hired someone to care for them while she was working). So, I'm forced to believe that perhaps she was inebriated, mistaking the faux flowers as real. It was then that I gave my mother a lesson on why people should never purchase faux flowers and why they should stop making them. Firstly, faux flowers only collect dust. Who wants to be inhaling all of that? Secondly, flowers are the quintessential face lift for any room. They have the ability to transform a rather gloomy room into an inspiriting one. I mean, have you been to a wake? (Yup, exactly). Lastly, if one can spend say three dollars on fake flowers, then I'm highly positive they can afford the fresh bouquets at Trader Joe's for five dollars. 

To prove my point, gawk at the images below.

(You're welcome.)

In case you're wondering, the faux flowers didn't last longer than one hour in our home.