François-Henri Galland

There's movement. There's mystery and thrill. But there's also the essence of love and passion.

Here are some of my favorite paintings of artist François-Henri Galland.

"I assign to drawing the reconstruction of story telling. I write by dints of gestures/moves/old black and white revues, colour after dark. I get the aura in a clair-obscur burst.

My writing brings other times/periods but never the good ones. It crosses genres (by series) : portrait, still, genre and history painting. Colour pencils, ink and watercolours put events on a same level, without difference, but always tainted with desire and violence.

Portraits of women in a former whorehouse, others of men in a familiar bar/pub, a posh exhibition thousands of miles away, are the visons I screen." - François-Henri Galland

(This last one is my favorite.)

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